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Servo amplifier w/ built-in positioning MR-J3-T

0.1 – 7.0 kW, autotuning, RS422, CC-Link

MR-J3-T is a servo amplifier with integrated, programmable one-axis positioning. MR-J3-T is a competitive alternative in more simple applications. Up to 255 lines (positions) can be stored in the servo amplifier and are selected via digital inputs or serially in networks of up to 32 axis, via RS422 or CC-Link.

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  • Servo amplifier with built-in positioning
  • High-speed controllers for ultra-short positioning times; average speed frequency response 2100Hz
  • High-resolution encoders for maximum speed constancy (18 bits 262,144 P/rev)
  • Advanced vibration suppression for outstanding adaptation to machine requirements
  • Autotuning for extremely fast setup and installation
  • Optimum cost/benefit ratio
  • Absolute position encoder included as standard equipment
  • Minimum wiring overheads thanks to Plug & Play configuration and automatic motor identification
  • Supports global standards


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