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Servo amplifier servo bus MR-J3-B(S)

0.1 – 7.0 kW, autotuning, servo bus SSCNET3

MR-J3-B was developed for use with Mitsubishi Electric’s positionings whichh use the servo bus SSCNET3. Both the motion CPU Q Motion, Q170MCPU, MR-MQ100, QD74, QD75 and FX3U-20 SSC-H are easily integrated in multiple axis applications through SSCNET3. The high performance of the bus, 50 Mbit per second, guarantees reliable operation and minimizes cabling.
MR-J3-BS features integrated safety thanks to the Safe Torque Off (STO) and Safe Stop 1 (SS1) functions. Additionally, double encoder inputs.

Daugiau apie servo sistemas:


  • Specified for complex, multi-axis movement sequences and for use in networked automation systems.
  • High-speed controllers for ultra-short positioning times; average speed frequency response 2100Hz
  • High-resolution encoders for maximum speed constancy (18 bits 262,144 P/rev)
  • Advanced vibration suppression for outstanding adaptation to machine requirements
  • Autotuning for extremely fast setup and installation
  • Optimum cost/benefit ratio
  • Absolute position encoder included as standard equipment
  • Minimum wiring overheads thanks to Plug & Play configuration and automatic motor identification
  • Supports global standards


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